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Honeymoon Registry
Get Outta Town Travel & Gifts Honeymoon Registry is a wonderful idea allowing your wedding guests to financially contribute towards your honeymoon - a gift you definitely want and will appreciate.

Most couples getting married today already have most household items they require. Get Outta Travel & Gifts takes the hassle out of choosing the perfect wedding gift. The registry is a free service provided by Get Outta Town Travel & Gifts and it is very popular with couples and their guests.
How It Works
  • Book your honeymoon through Get Outta Town Travel & Gifts and we will manage the registry for free.
  • Once you have paid a deposit toward your honeymoon we will provide you with 'registry cards' to insert into your wedding invitations.
  • Guests simply contribute over the phone with a credit card, or by mail with a check.
  • All contributing guests will be given an 'acknowledgement card' which they place into your shower/wedding card identifying their contribution to your honeymoon.
  • Get Outta Town Travel & Gifts will provide you with a complete list of names and contributions of participating guests to assist you with sending 'Thank You cards'.
  • Along the way, some payments may be required to secure and book various components of your honeymoon. You can use the funds from the registry or use your own money to meet these deadlines. Naturally the honeymoon must be fully paid prior to travel.
  • Any surplus funds in the registry will be returned to you by check. This money is yours to do as you please.
Registration Form
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