Our Adoption Story

Greg and I were married in April 1992 with the hopes and dreams like many couples to have a family. Years kept passing and we were not able to have children biologically. God then placed it upon our hearts to look into adoption. Not knowing anything about the process we heard about an adoption seminar that was taking place close to our home. We went to the seminar and walked out knowing that God was leading us to adopt from China.

The Process

In the fall of 2002 we submitted our application to adopt from China and began what many call the "paperchase" of documents and gathering of information to submit to China. On April 4, 2003 our paperwork was submitted to China. April 18, 2003 we were logged in to the China Civil Affairs and began the waiting process. We eagerly waited to receive the referral of the daughter that God had chosen for us. On January 5, 2004 we received the phone call from our adoption agency. Her name was Shaoyang Can (pronounced Shall Yang Tawn) from the Shaoyang Social Welfare Institute in Hunan, China. Who would now be known as Olivia Tawn Guttridge. She was born on April 5, 2003 (note 1 day after our paperwork was submitted to China) and she was beautiful. We rushed to Lexington to see the long awaited pictures of our beautiful baby girl. All we could do was cry when we seen her, this was the child God had chosen for us.

The Journey

In February 2004 we packed our bags and headed for China. What an awesome experience we had while we were in China. We visited the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and Tienamnen Square. We went to an acrobat show and shopped in an embroidery factory. The culture, the people, the food, it was at times surreal. Then the day finally came, we were going to become a forever family. We gathered in a conference room in the hotel waiting for the arrival of our precious children. All the families in our group were so anxious and ready to hold their babies. It seemed as if they would never come but then we heard the crys coming from down the hall. The orphanage director and the nannies had began carrying the babies in to meet thier families. I did not think they were ever going to call our names. Then we heard them call out, Greg and B.J. Guttridge. There she was, all bundled up in her pink outfit, more beautiful than we had ever imagined. She was so calm and totally checking out her surroundings. In the days that followed we did more paperwork to finalize the adoption, shopped and enjoyed our time in China. We were now ready to go home. God had heard our prayer, we were a family.

Information About Adoption

If you feel that God is leading you to adopt a child. You can learn more about adoption through the following websites. A Helping Hand Adoption Dave Thomas Foundation
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